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I wonder when floral designers will become broadly respected and regarded more as artists.  Maybe because the trade is so locked into commercialism, it will never get the love, well, except from brides and floraphreaks.
Forgive the bad cellphone image quality in this post, just wanted to post a few pics from the 2010  Bouquets de Art exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco.
Large Composite Entryway Design[Large Composite Entryway Design]

Golden Gate Park was packed the day of the visit, and once inside the De Young, it was near impossible to get shots I wanted without being rude.  I opted to be polite and move on.  Generally, artists went for large-scale, full-on massive designs.  Architectural materials: anthurium, protea, amaryllis, and palm leaves showed up a lot and I wonder about the cost and sourcing of the materials.  When you’re trying to create a piece of art, I suppose the cost of your design should be of little concern.

Palm & Fiddleheads Design[Palm & Fiddleheads Design]
Detail of of pleated palm leaves
[Detail of layered palm leaves]

The cellphone camera couldn’t cope with the poor light issues in the image below but, I love the minimalism and constructivism too much to exclude it from the post.  Choosing hard, metallic materials to emulate the waves is most striking.  The painting correlate is by Arthur Dove, “Sea Gull Motive (Sea Thunder or The Wave).”  If interested in learning more about the painting, there’s a fascinating blog post about the vertical orientation of this painting at a blog called art fever:

Design inspired by Arthur Dove painting in background
[Design inspired by Arthur Dove painting in background]

Below, rolled ti leaves at the base pick-up the billowing forms and provide a nice contrast in textures to the rock materials.

Detail of black and white design.[Detail of above design.  Rolled black ti leaves, lava rocks, and slate “container.”]

More from the exhibit here: and here:

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