15 Oct 2008

Alstroemeria, Peruvian Lily

Found this among a few bits left over from slugs and aphids.  One, perhaps would fill a quarter of your palm; singularly, they seem so insignificant, but in clusters, the way they grow, they create large crowns, globes of translucent color.

Although not fragrant in and of themselves, upon cutting, you’ll receive a clean herbal spritz from its juice– how it leaves you feeling like you’ve had a little unexpected good luck…

22 Oct 2007

Alstroemaria Landing Strips

The dash pattern serves as a kind of landing strip to guide pollinators. These stand-up well to our valley heat, which in the summer can a hit over 100° for consecutive days. They are also super easy to propagate by root division. Dwarf variety. Alstroemaria hybrid