25 Aug 2010

Over and Under Watering

apple blossom

[Apple blossoms – “Red Delicious”]

As I grasped the full vision of blight I thought: once again, my inattentiveness has made me pay.  Distracted with the mammoth task of cutting back the overgrown yard and weeding, I neglected to check on the water drip system.  This resulted in dehydrating a potted apple tree to the point of total defoliation and fruit drop.

Over and under watering is a recurring theme for me– my self-caused, peskiest problem.  Drainage issues, broken sprinkler heads, drip line leaks, forgotten pots, impatient hand-watering, all lead to an over/under watered state that stresses plants and creates vulnerabilities to pests, disease.  Most times, I’m punished with the sad results of a domino effect started by water mismanagement.  This time, after about two months of recovery, the tree has sprung new leaves and flowers.  (!)  I must have caught the problem in time.

Sure, the plant is doing only as it is programmed to do; its seemingly miraculous renewal is really just a response to attentiveness and care– but, I’d rather view it as giving in kind as having received.  For certain, gardening is one of life’s endeavors that rewards attentiveness, effort.

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