21 Nov 2007

White Azalea Stigma

Since my fixation has had me looking at these azaleas too closely, I’ve moved from thinking the concavities and convexities were where the beauty lies; now, I’m back to the function and purpose. I think this is the most beautiful part: the stigma, the tip of the style, the protrusion that makes the most contact with other living things; it’s a kind of stalk or conduit to the ovary, the bulbous end of the style. Even more beautiful is the thought that in the botanical world, the “fruit” we eat is essentially a ripened ovary whose cells are full of watery flavor sacs that are actually cellular wastes. It’s a pure form of recycling– we may consume (to derive essential energy) other organisms wastes, and vice-versa. And, really, it’s the best kind of consumption… consumption with purpose– consumption to persist.

white azalea 10

14 Nov 2007

White Azalea Abstract

I can’t resist not playing with these. This flower demands that I learn more photo skills; for it, I must.


13 Nov 2007

White Azalea Obsession Continues

I worry I won’t be able to get the results I desire before the plants at work (where I pluck these flowers) stop blooming. Each day, the quality worsens, they brown, wither. I fear I will run out of time.

white azalea close-up

azalea closeup2

31 Oct 2007

Sugar White Azalea

Every once in awhile you come across something that stuns. Going to the white azalea was a second choice. The last remaining gardenia was too brown and dry to give. For myself, it would’ve sufficed, but when you present a flower, you require that it be fairly unblemished or the receiver may think you didn’t care enough to choose well.

So, among the singles were a few full doubles– I picked a double. Each center: a fresh zingy chartreuse. Parked in the shade, you don’t notice their crystaline surface– brought into the sun they glisten as if dusted with sugar. And, they have the slightest hint of fragrance, slightly spicy, musky. This is my new obsession… the white azalea.