21 Oct 2008

Peony Glow

From a cutting, with a wilted, floppy head. There’s nothing worse than waking to wilted peonies the morning you are to use them in an arrangement. The house heat (around 80 degrees F the night before) and probably poor conditioning did this particular flower in. You’re looking at the outer layers of a bomb type peony. I think it could have been a ‘Moonstone’ cultivar as it was pale pink on the outside and creamy white inside.

Another cause to the problem may have been that the night before, I had removed most all the leaves since I detected black spots and feared fungus would spread. If using peony in an arrangement, you should not remove all the leaves. Any leaves not in water should be left in tact because they will continue to feed the flower and enable the petals to develop color as the flower opens. I still needed the flower for mass, so to support the large wobbly head, I wired and taped it the way you would for a corsage, then placed the stem centrally within a large bouquet. The tight, layered center concealed the wire perfectly.

17 Oct 2008

A cup by which to receive

Peony… Enjoy your Sunday!

16 Oct 2008

Cream Peony – Late Day Sunlight

Its massive double form (about 5 inches in diameter) created by hundreds of petals, layered… in their presence– a calming charm.

19 Jun 2008

Peony Heart

May/June Peony singing from the heart. This is of course from the market– the summer valley heat and winter freezes just don’t please a peony. (Perhaps I wasn’t dedicated enough.) If you can, imagine the faintest note of lemon, rose, ink and you’ll be smelling this.


13 Mar 2008

Pink Peony


This peony image came by an email from my SO’s father who lives and grows
in the northern coast of California. I think it must be 6 inches round!