12 Nov 2007

Blue Veined Petunia

Facing this petunia was a tickling moment– a tonifying note from the nearby french lavender mixed with the vision of a pink-mottled, overcast sky.  It’s as if the center is filled with gemstones. This plant was one of a few that survived from cuttings, and it’s one of the final flowers left in a late flush of blooms. (It’s finally starting to chill here.)

blue veined petunia

29 Oct 2007

Psychedelic Pink Petunia

If you have trouble meditating or quieting your mind, stare into the center of a flower for awhile. I’m not over-romanticizing nature (yet another benefit of plants, their ability to inspire)– it’s a mind tool. It calms and excites, like a hit of oxygen in a smoke-filled room.


The mother-center: psychedelic, for sure.