2012 Bouquet de Arts – de Young Museum – San Francisco

As usual, the throngs of people wanting to see details up-close and take pictures made it tough to get through the show without injury or outburst. Some of the galleries are just too dark for viewing or cellphone pictures for that matter.  The image quality isn’t great, but you should get a good idea of the interpretation, materials, and construction.  Wish SFMOMA had a show like this!   Some favorites:

Literal, but so right. Finally, an analogue to one of my favorite paintings

The cat's expression is awkward, but still a stunning construction.


Detail of ti leaves - mastery of materials!


Lap Dog

Love the wire work and exuberance!

Love the creative use of materials for construction.


Near perfection.  Details, scale, colors, and construction were so right!

The long rose branches formed piers of support for the leaves.

More to come….


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