Hydrangea Wilt Logic

It’s been warm here the past few days, and after last week’s rain, I had scaled back the watering which made the hydrangeas wilt without warning. This is what makes gardening a challenge. Inattentiveness will make you pay. Plants can’t tell you the state of their well-being, you have to check-in, observe. My hort teacher explains that the larger the leaf, the quicker the rate of transpiration and subsequent wilt. And that if a plant is prone to wilt, it means the head of leaves are too big for the root system; it may help to cut it back when appropriate. This is one reason why many big-leaf plants are typically shade dwellers; they adapted to absorb more sun amidst their shady conditions.

In the image below, the bit of salvia and traces of web at the leaf margin show an inconspicuous world of quiet action and events concurring with our own.


After a long drink, I returned later in the day to find the once droopy plant had risen.

hydrangea flower blue

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