Scary Mona Lisa Lily

Even if I were to rid my life of all that is unnecessary, I would still have plants, a garden, flowers…. For some, they are extraneous; for me, they are necessary. Nature is the best succor to whatever angst or ill there is. Too, nature reminds me how beauty can always be contrived from ugliness and vice-versa: Anthers are scary, alien platforms, yet are lovely for their role in universal order. And somehow we convince ourselves to ignore the scary “pricklies” inside the petals too, often choosing to view only the sum of the parts.

P.S. Florists often sell lilies still in bud so the flowers will last longer. You can coax a bud to open by re-cutting the stem, placing it in warm water, and gently rolling the tip of the bud between your thumb and finger. If you’re really impatient, you also can very gently peel back the petals as if opening a banana; but, don’t go too far, just peel enough to expose the stamen. To remove the stamen without staining your hands or garments, use a tissue to take hold of all the stamen around their midpoints then sweep your hand up; the anthers will pull off easily.

lily center

scary lily

Pollen loaded!

lily close up

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